Ski Patrol Rescue Team (SPART)


SPART Members Doug Burchard, Randy Riggs, Sumi Lavin, Isaac Ginsberg, and Frank Rossi taught classroom sessions for a NSP Avalanche Level 1 course. Attendance was full, with 30 students from area patrols and King County Search and Rescue. Avalanche education and outreach is one of SPART’s primary missions. While field trips are normally at Snoqualmie Pass, this year the sessions are split due to the low snow pack. One session was at… Read More

SPART members provide National Ski Patrol Avalanche 1 and 2 courses for the area Ski Patrols and Search and Rescue units. SPART members also provide training in the National Ski Patrol’s Mountain Travel and Rescue curriculum.

SPART members taught and attended a National Ski Patrol Avalanche 1 field trip on February 1, 2014. In this session, Chris Seager, SPART member and Summit at Snoqualmie Ski Patroller, demonstrates digging a snow test pit and demonstrates some snow condition tests. The happy students in this group are from a wide range of sources, including area ski patrols, SPART, and other King County Search and Rescue units. Avalanche safety, including education,… Read More